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Hidden Camera Hook DVR

A common household organization tool, it can be hung prominently on a wall in any room to help keep track of keys, lanyards or light outerwear.  The hook is easily mounted to the wall by a piece of double sided adhesive that should be safe for most walls.

Simple to operate.  A simple on off switch is hidden on the backside of the hook.  Flip this switch to on and when fully charged the camera is ready for motion activated footage for up to two hours.

High resolution color video. It is hard to imagine that camera fits in this every day black hook that takes 1280 x 960 resolution video at 30 frames per second.  The hook doesn't even weigh noticeably more than one without a hidden DVR.


        Color video and audio
        Motion activation
        Built in Li-Ion battery
        Time/date stamp

Technical Specs

        Resolution: 1280 x 960 @ up to 30 fps
        Motion activated
        Storage: MicroSD cards up to 16GB
        Recording time: Up to 2 hours
        Data consumption: 40 mins/GB


        1 Hidden Camera Hook
        1 Instruction booklet
        1 USB cord
        1 AC adapter
        1 Wall mount kit

MG-1013 Hidden Camera Hook DVR

Our Price Only $99

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