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Types Of Private Investigations & Finding The Right Private Investigator

October 20, 2013 By David Chemago

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The Types Of Investigations That Are Carried Out By Private Investigators in Today's World

As a Private Investigator working for an Investigation Firm in Vancouver Canada, I never know what type of cases will come in the door.

Locating people, missing persons, fraud cases, civil investigations, cheating partner investigations, criminal investigations, corporate investigations, stalking, cyber crime, harassment, cyber bullying, intellectual property theft, employee theft, asset searches, background searches, child support, child custody investigations, insurance fraud, vandalism, teen activity checks, corporate espionage, industrial espionage, surveillance, counter-surveillance, even collecting evidence on clients drug dealing or crazy neighbours. We see it all, and our work can be exciting....

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Email Phishing Scams-How They Work And How To Protect Yourself

May 13, 2013 By David Chemago

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Almost on a daily basis criminals are working on new ways to steal either your identity or your money.

There have been a lot of people scammed into giving away their banking information lately and I thought I would pass on some email examples and how they work.

First, You Need To Know What Phishing is?

Phishing is when criminals attempt to capture your personal information through emails, phone calls, text messages, and websites that look like the real thing.

They all have the same goal, to get your usernames, passwords, banking and credit card details, and to steal your money or identity.

Typically, you are directed to a website that looks legitimate such as your bank. These are sites that are often identical to the site that you think you are going to.

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Corporate Cyber Bullying-What Can You Do About It?

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April 11, 2013 By David Chemago

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Unfortunately At The Time Of This Writing....Sometimes Not A Lot.

There has been an alarming trend in Corporate Cyber Bullying that is affecting many businesses. As a Private Investigator in Vancouver Canada, I am seeing a sharp increase in clients who contact me looking for help having been a victim of corporate cyber bullying.

The internet is a great place for people to go and do things anonymously (well not really, we are tracked everywhere we go), and the attraction for people to go and look up and look at things privately has been a huge factor in making the inter-web world what it is today.

There are many great things about this anonymity, but with the good comes the bad.

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Global Corporate Espionage-A Threat To Your Business

corporate espionage

March 11, 2013 By David Chemago

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There are thousands of people around the globe getting up every morning, having their breakfast, and going to work.

This would seem pretty normal except for the fact that their job is to steal information from businesses, governments, news agencies, banks, hacking personal accounts, military secrets, and even getting into government utilities.

Although technology advances have had a mostly positive impact on human lives, it has also enabled individuals, companies, and nations to steal data on an unprecedented scale.

In the old days of spying, the targets were usually government officials, government engineers, and military personnel. Although this is still actively happening, there is a much larger spy game going on, and it is financially motivated.

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How To Choose The Right Spy Camera, Hidden Camera, Or Surveillance Camera For Your Needs

best spy cameras

March 2, 2013 By David Chemago

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There are many types of spy and surveillance video cameras on the market. All spy and surveillance cameras are designed to capture footage to either identify a criminal, capture an event, or gather evidence.

The differences are that they are designed to do a specific job well. Some can see in the dark, others are designed to be miniature, some are stationary, some are mobile.

Before Purchasing Yourself A Camera There Is Only One Question You Need To Answer...What Are You Going To Do With It?

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