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Covert Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Are your concerned someone has been in your yard? A nosy neighbor? Neighborhood Kids?

Now you can have the piece of mind of knowing if there are people trespassing on your property without the high cost of an complete outdoor wired surveillance system. We continuously search the globe for the latest high technology, high quality outdoor covert hidden cameras and surveillance cameras.

Electrical Box Cameras

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Covert Battery Powered Electrical Outlet Camera

The Electrical Box is a great choice for covert recording of a shed garage or outdoor area. This relatively small device (4” x 4” x 2.5”) conceals a powerful camera with a wide viewing angle of 72ºIt records HD quality 1280 x 720p video. It can either record continuously or use a motion detection setting. This model supports internal memory up to 32gb and is battery poweredThe electrical box is weatherproof and protects the camera from the elements. It looks like a typical electrical box. Even if the camera is handled by someone curious the electronics are sealed inside.

Our Price Only $550!

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Covert Hard Wired Electrical Outlet Camera

The Electrical Junction Box is a great choice for covert recording of a shed, garage or outdoor area. This device conceals a powerful camera with a viewing angle of 62º. It is equipped with motion detection functionality and remote control operation. This junction box is weather resistant and even has plenty of space for normal electrical devices such as a sprinkler system control unit or outdoor lighting. It looks like a typical electrical junction box. Not only is it covert, it is also secure thanks to its locking latch so no curious passerby can open the unit. It records HD quality 1280 x 720p video. You can choose to either record continuously or use the motion detection setting to only record the relevant movement. Because this device accepts normal MicroSD cards, you can choose as much storage as you need and even replace MicroSD cards on the fly so you can review your video from one SD card while the device is busy recording to a new one. Because this unit wires directly in to your home's electrical system, you never need to worry about being limited by battery life.

Our Price Only $590!

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