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The Dart Covert GPS Tracker

Blackline GPS Tracker

The Dart-Professional Grade Covert Tracker

This is simply the best slap and go GPS Tracker on the market today!

The Dart GPS Tracker by Blackline GPS features a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 days between charges, mobile messaging and alerts, weather resistant design, and 112lb magnetic attachment!

Blackline Dart GPS Vancouver

There Are Several Issues With Other GPS Tracking Devices That Blackline GPS Has Solved.

As professional Private Investigators and Surveillance Operatives in Vancouver we have experienced many frustrating days in our years of using GPS trackers on surveillance and covert operations with our clients. 

Our Biggest Complaints Have Been:

  • Battery Life
  • Trackers Falling Off
  • Ease Of Use
  • Long Term Contracts
  • High Cost
  • Cases That Have Weak Magnets
  • Not Knowing If The Battery Is Dead Or Not
  • Having To Continuously Recharge The Unit

Why We Only Sell Dart GPS Units :

  • Battery Life-most of our previous devices barley lasted one day between charges. There is nothing more frustrating and costly than constantly having to recharge the GPS or swap it out.
  • Trackers Falling Off-gps trackers are not cheap. Allways having an uneasy feeling that the low end magnetic box you purchased will let you down by falling off .
  • Ease Of Use-the tracker comes ready to go in the box. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the supplied paperwork, create an account and choose your plan and your done. (We can also set it up for you).
  • Long Term Contracts-everyone seems to want to force you to sign up for long term contracts these days. We offer 1 year service plans.
  • High Cost- our service fees start at $199 per year. Many of our competitors as asking $45 per month with long term contracts. (one year of tracking is included in initial purchase price).
  • Cases That Have Weak Magnets-prior to us using the Dart GPS we had to purchase a water-resistant cases for the units we were using and had to replace the magnets that came with them. The first bump in the road would send your expensive GPS airborne down the freeway! The Dart GPS Tracker comes with a 112lb magnet, more than enough magnetic pull force to keep your tracker on the target.
  • Not Knowing If The Battery Is Dead Or Not-your web portal shows you the battery life of each device in the field which puts your mind at ease.

This is simply the best covert tracker on the market and is Made In Canada. If you need help setting it up or using the system we are there for you!

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BL-1001 Blackline Dart GPS Tracker With Magnetic Mount And One Year Of Web Based Tracking Service

Our Price Only $850!

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