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Six Technologies Customer Reviews

"At our business model is simple. Listen to our customers".

We are contacted by manufacturers and suppliers on a daily basis wanting us to sell their products. We have spent years testing and sourcing the best quality products available,  and refuse to sell cheap devices that will let you down when you need them the most. is a supplier to many investigators and investigation firms throughout the world.

We Deal With Complaints

If a product is not working or you need help with instructions, we are here to help. If a product needs to be repaired or replaced we will make it happen.

We Answer Questions

You can contact us about any questions you have. Even if you need help about a product you have not purchased from us, we will do our best to help you.

Free Advice

Need advice about security, products, or an investigation? Ask us, we are happy to help.

We Value Our Customers

Many of our competitors sell poor quality products and have poor support. We offer the best warranties in the business, and free lifetime technical support.

"I purchased the nanny cam. Works great. I will definitely purchase from you again"


"Hi David, for now our problem is solved, we let our nanny go and a very close friend of mine will be taking care of our daughter now.  I really appreciate all of your help.  And it was the camera we bought from you that showed us she wasn't keeping her end of he deal, so for that, I thank you."


"Product arrived and worked just as described, had a question and it was answered right away. I am happy with the product and great customer service"


"I was cautious about ordering online because I have had bad experiences before. I'm pleased to say that the whole process went smoothly. Ordering was easy, and the adapter camera worked great right out of the box"


"Fantastic service which I really appreciate. I will definitely recommend your company to other stakeholders as one of the more reputable in the business"


"Ordered a car camera to Australia. Very good price and very good quality. Will order from you again!"


"Thank you very much for following up with additional instructions, you provide a superior service"


"Nice product, totally satisfied and camera resolution very clear"


"Product arrived fine, the build quality was excellent, and camera resolution was as described. As always, a great company to do business with."


"Most people are looking for a cheap deal, I was looking for a good quality camera and a good warranty. Many companies were offering 30 to 90 days warranty for a $400 product! That set off warning bells for me!"


"I have ordered 3 different products from six-tech over the last few years and their customer service is amazing."


"I am not great with computers and had some problems connecting my camera to my computer to watch the video. David was very patient with me and we got it working."


"I am using the AVTECH IP camera for almost 2 years and it is still working great. Excellent quality, excellent image, and works from anywhere on my iPhone. Highly recommend this camera"


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