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Global Corporate Espionage-A Threat To Your Business

corporate espionage

March 11, 2013 By David Chemago

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There are thousands of people around the globe getting up every morning, having their breakfast, and going to work.

This would seem pretty normal except for the fact that their job is to steal information from businesses, governments, news agencies, banks, hacking personal accounts, military secrets, and even getting into government utilities.

Although technology advances have had a mostly positive impact on human lives, it has also enabled individuals, companies, and nations to steal data on an unprecedented scale.

In the old days of spying, the targets were usually government officials, government engineers, and military personnel. Although this is still actively happening, there is a much larger spy game going on, and it is financially motivated.


Is There A Global War Going On?

Absolutely. Wars are no longer really fought in the traditional ways of a country taking over another country by force. With the current world governments in organizations such as the United Nations, it is near impossible to attack another country for financial gain (I will not get into wars over oil here).

Why lose thousands of lives in a ground war when you can simply defeat other countries financially. Money is power.

Although all countries are involved in spying, I am going to pick on China as the World Leader in stealing secrets for financial gain.

chinese spies

How China Has Become An Economic Superpower

China has long been associated with inexpensive products. No other country in the world can come close to China in terms of the shear number of goods it produces.

It is very hard to find an electronic product that is not produced in China in some way. Companies in China are able to take a product, copy it, and mass produce it very quickly flooding the market with inexpensive products.

How are they able to produce copies of western products and technologies so quickly?

It is simple really, they steal it. I cannot think of one electronic product that has not been either copied or outright counterfeited in China. It of course makes it easier for the counterfeiters when most products are produced there.

Recent news shows us that it is not only enough to copy the products anymore, they are copying the customer experience with examples such as fake Apple Stores, McDonalds, and Starbucks.  

A Real World Example

I worked with a company who had spent years and millions of dollars in reasearch and development to produce a new technology. As with most start up companies, they are constantly looking for investors in order to continue device development until they are ready for sale on the market.

A company from China showed interest in investing and producing the product. However, they insisted in having their business team "tour" the facility and learn more about the product before they invested.

If they hadn't been trying to steal the technology it would have been humorous. Members of their team kept trying to lag behind the group asking staff engineering questions and taking copious notes.

They were more interested in how it was manufactured than what the sales forecasts would be. What they had tried to do was to steal millions of dollars worth of technology for a small investment...the deal didn't go through.

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