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TS-1002 Mini Digital Voice Recorder

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This Mini high quality recorder features an aluminum case and continuous recording up to 35 hours!
The built in AGC system changes microphone amplifier settings according to external acoustic conditions.

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Technical characteristics: 

  •   Aluminum case;
  •   Dimensions: 46х30х7 mm; 
  •   Weight: 14 g; 
  •   Sampling rate up to 20 K Hz; 
  •   Signal-to-noise ratio: -80 dB; 
  •   Codec capacity: 16 bits; 
  •   Recording duration: from 300 to 1200 hours; 
  •   Operating temperature range: 0…+40˚ C (32…+104 F); 
  •   Sensitivity of built-in microphone: 10-12 m; 
  •   Recording mode: mono; 
  •   Battery life in record mode (sampling rate 8 Hz, without compression): up to 35 hours; 
  •   Battery life in stand-by mode: up to 4 months; 
  •   Power supply: rechargeable battery.
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Height 46 mm

Width 30 mm

Thickness 7 mm

Weight 14 g

Case Metal

Record time 300h

Battery life in record mode 35h

Power supply Rechargeable battery

Battery life in VAS mode 150h

Battery life in stand-by mode 4 months

Built-in flash memory 2 Gb

Interface USB 1.1

Audio recording format Mono

Frequency band 100 Hz - 10 kHz

Dynamic range - 80 Db

Voice Activating System YES

Timer recording YES

TS-1002 Mini Digital Voice Recorder

Our Price Only $825!